Welcome to Pousadas & Paradores!!!

We offer a wide variety of pousadas in Portugal and Paradores in Spain. These unique accommodations are perfect for fly drive touring holidays or cultural breaks in fabulous surroundings.


The regional Pousadas epitomise the religious heritage and culture of Portugal. An eclectic range of mainly character and historic buildings located in the most beautiful regions of the country. Gently transverse the routes used by pilgrims, Romans and the Moors through the green valleys and golden plains intermingled with sleepy villages and fascinating architecture. Wherever you stay, you can be assured of a traditional welcome.


As diverse as Spain itself, the Paradores have been created inside medieval castles, ancient palaces, former convents, landmark country houses and, occasionally, in ultra modern buildings. They capture the spirit of this vibrant country in a series of natural,historical and cultural settings.

The Paradores form the keynote to a fascinating journey through Regional Spain where echoes of the past harmonise with the comfort and quality of the present. Click Here to view paradores